Do you treat on the first visit?

At the City of London Chiropractic Clinic we always like to perform chiropractic treatments on the first visit. We believe if you are in pain and discomfort the quickest way to start your road to recovery is with suitable chiropractic treatments.

Unfortunately not all patients can have chiropractic treatments on their first session for a number of reasons:

  • Your pain may be too acute – by this we mean that any treatment performed could make the situation worse. In these cases we prefer to wait 24 to 48 hours before starting chiropractic treatment.
  • You may require further investigation – before we can start chiropractic treatment we may need to exclude particular conditions. These conditions may make the chiropractic treatments unsafe, ineffective or unsuitable. In these cases we may need to refer you to a specialist.
  • Your insurance or rehabilitation company may require a report before authorising chiropractic treatment.

In cases where we cannot treat on the first visit due to the requirement of further investigations or the acute nature of the injury we will not charge for the first treatment when you return for your first treatment.

If you would prefer to have a discussion with the chiropractor first about chiropractic treatment please phone on 0800 043 7105.