How long is a chiropractic treatment?

A chiropractic treatment lasts between 20 to 30 minutes per appointment. We allow our chiropractors discretion in determining the length of a session based upon the complexity of case. In certain cases it may be evident that a longer session is required by the chiropractor. This generally occurs when we review your case history and re-examine you. We do not make an extra charge in such cases and provide this as a complementary service.

Patients who decide to come to The City of London Chiropractor Clinic from other chiropractor clinics often quote their reason as being that they did not feel the treatment length was long enough. We can assure each patient that they will never leave the clinic in less than 20 minutes after their appointment time.

Your Chiropractic Treatment Includes:

  • Your chiropractor will review your presenting complaint and¬†determine progress through an objective neurological and orthopaedic examination.
  • Your personal chiropractor will perform a chiropractic treatment session including rehabilitation using a number of modalities including but not limited to: spinal adjustments, massage, stretching, exercise therapy, trigger point therapy.
  • Any questions or further information about your presenting complaint, health issues, treatment are encouraged at every follow up appointment.