What does a chiropractor do?

A chiropractor is a person who is interested in how a person’s body works, but views the workings of a body primarily through the spinal, nerve and muscular systems.  Usually a chiropractor focuses on pain relief and injury recovery.  But what does a chiropractor do to a patient to help complaints?

Chiropractic treatments consist of gentle manipulation techniques known as adjustments to restore function, mobility and balance to joints. During an adjustment, the pressure within the joint space changes and sometimes patients report a ‘clicking’ noise. This is the sound of air being released from within a joint and is not normally painful.

Chiropractic management also includes rehabilitative exercises, patient education, lifestyle modification and the use of physical therapies and supports. There is an emphasis on health promotion and early return to activities for injured patients. The focus on education and patient empowerment is an important factor in the success of chiropractic management and the high levels of patient satisfaction.

Initial Consultation and First Treatment 

  • The chiropractic consultation consists of a full discussion of your presenting complaint including past and current episodes. A discussion of your general health is also taken with an emphasis of reaching your health goals.
  • After understanding your presenting complaint, your chiropractor will use orthopaedic and neurological examination techniques to form a diagnosis and develop objective indicators of improvement from chiropractic treatment.
  • A review of findings from consultation and examination will include your diagnosis and treatment strategy. In certain instances further investigation or referral to a specialist hospital consultant may be required and can be arranged by your chiropractor by letter or email.
  • A chiropractic treatment will be conducted by your chiropractor if further investigation or referral is not required.

Follow Up Consultations and Treatment

  • Your chiropractor will review your presenting complaint and determine progress through an objective neurological and orthopaedic examination.
  • Your personal chiropractor will perform a chiropractic treatment session including rehabilitation using a number of modalities including but not limited to: spinal adjustments, massage, stretching, exercise therapy, trigger point therapy.
  • Any questions or further information about your presenting complaint, health issues, treatment are encouraged at every follow up appointment.

Each presenting patient is an individual and may require longer sessions. We always allow between 40 minutes to an hour for new patients and 20 to 30 minutes for each follow up consultation and treatment.