Will my doctor approve?

Depending on the number of years practiced, your Chiropractors may have had instances when a doctor approve chiropractic treatment and doctors who disapprove.

Your chiropractors at The City of London Chiropractor Clinic have had the pleasure of treating GPs and consultants over the past 10 years through recommendation and reputation. A large proportion of our patients are currently referred by GPs, neurologists, neurosurgeons and spinal surgeons.

Historically there have been issues in respect to research, qualification, and regulation. Since the start of the General Chiropractic Council in Chiropractor Act in 1994 the profession has undergone reform. Standards of qualification have increased to degree level with content appraised through an education committee. Research has been undertaken by academics answering a number of questions relating to efficacy and cost effectiveness.

The changes in the chiropractic profession since 1994 have led to the College of Chiropractors receiving royal status and the inclusion of chiropractors in the Musculoskeletal Service Framework for England.

The Department of Health has published A Musculoskeletal Services Framework for England. It summarises the current state of musculoskeletal services and makes recommendations for offering more care closer to home, with improved ways to accesss diagnostic tests. The document is aimed at helping local health communities deliver the maximum wait of 18 weeks by improving orthopaedic services.

The Musculoskeletal Services Framework focuses on the prompt delivery of effective front-line services. To lessen the burden on GPs, it is planned that NHS patients’ needs could be assessed by chiropractors, osteopaths or physiotherapists, without a GP referral.