A large proportion of patients attend City of London Chiropractors Clinic following recommendation from satisfied patients. The following are chiropractic testimonials from patients who have been treated by our chiropractors and have agreed for details to be used on our website.

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For my low back I have been to Clinics who provided ease, but walking was still becoming increasingly difficult. I have enjoyed  walking over the years, but this enjoyment was marred by the discomfort caused by back which affected the mobility in my legs. Walking is fine now. I feel that the treatment given to me by the chiropractor has enabled my freedom of movement.

Mr S

I came to see the chiropractor when I was six months pregnant. I had been suffering with severe hip and pelvic pain for several months, making it difficult and painful for me to walk and to do day-to-day activities. I was referred by my GP to a physiotherapist but she told me it was simply hormonal and there was little she could do. She gave me exercises and a maternity belt. She also told me it would only get worse as my pregnancy progressed and I was terrified that I would end up on crutches. After one session, I immediately felt some pain relief and improved mobility. I had five sessions in total and now have no pain in my hip and pelvic area and much improved mobility. After each session I could feel improvement. After previously being told it would only get worse this felt like a miracle.

Miss A

After suffering with headaches on a daily basis for well over a year, and many failed attempts at controlling the pain with medication and osteopathy; my consultant neurologist referred me to a chiropractor to see they could help in any way. After the initial consultation, I did notice that the severity of my pain started to decrease. With two appointments per week to start with, any pain that I did have was a lot more manageable than ever before.

Six weeks on, I am now pain free 70% of the time and any headaches I do have are often eased by the exercises that were given to me to practice. My treatment has reduced to once every 4 weeks and I am hoping that with continued treatment the headaches will subside further still.

Mrs F

The daily migraines were really hampering my work and leisure time, making it very difficult to concentrate. Serious instances meant all I could do was try and sleep in a dark room. I missed work on several occasions and family events. Since starting treatment with a chiropractor the migraines have virtually all stopped. The constant underlying pain has gone which has vastly improved my quality of life.

Mrs J